Because each of us should be able to love ourselves simply and deeply, because we all have the right to attain our goals, to be happy and to have fulfilling relationships.

She started studying to become a tropical agronomist. After two years she decided on a change of specialism and eventually graduated as a Chemical Engineer (with a ‘grande  distinction’). Development cooperation had (and still has) a large place in her heart, but she felt it raised complex issues and would be an uncertain career… She chose security - but if you feel your work doesn’t have enough sense, you can start to die inside.

Five years after graduating as an Engineer (UCL) she took the decision to re-orientate herself in order to become a psychologist / counselor.

As a young engineer, it wasn't possible to work part-time; thus, she decided to study nursing in order to finance her five supplementary years in university. She worked as a nurse for nine years: at the Belgian Centre for Tumours (Institut Bordet), then in a psychiatric department (crisis psychiatrics at the Clinique Saint-Jean, essentially night work).

In 2002, she obtained her degree in psychology and started developing her practice privately, mainly with adults but also with teenagers .

She has a deep interest in psychotraumatology (BIPE), has studied  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), has been trained in and practices “Lifespan Integration” (IETSP). She is also very interested in the neuro-sciences. She has studied a range of 'somato-psychological' methods in several countries and is convinced that classical approaches (based on talking) are necessary but often insufficient.

Her specialities: low self-esteem,  anxiety, food disorders, burn-out, depression, excessive stress at work, difficulties arising from high intellectual capacity, grief, dealing with manipulators, relationship difficulties, psychological consequences of cancer,  sexual abuse…


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