Feeling stronger and more anchored, freeing yourself from negative patterns that have repeated themselves since childhood is possible, and it doesn't necessarily need a long lasting therapy.

Whenever someone finds it hard to do what they want because of feelings such as insecurity, fear or deep sadness, or finds it impossible to avoid doing harmful things, the reasons are often past events that haven't been integrated / digested.

The non-integrated memories of these events include emotions, beliefs and feelings that can, unconsciously, be with us during our entire lives. We can often feel a certain discomfort or sickness without understanding the reason. An expert therapist can help to bring the events that have caused these irrational and negative feelings, sensations and beliefs to light thanks to their training, experience and sensitivity.

We can distinguish three main categories of beliefs and negative emotions that are linked to experiences of humiliation, exclusion and failure: the feeling / conviction of not being a good person, insecurity, and the feeling of not being in control.

It is possible, through a dialogue with your therapist, to discern which situations trigger these negative emotions / beliefs. Through EMDR therapy, and by re-processing past events, it is possible for you to leave these traumas in your past such that they no longer affect you.


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